Premier's Award of Excellence

Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement (ASAP)
Technical Development Project


In 2008 ACI received the Premier’s Award of Excellence ‘Gold’ for their collaborative work with Alberta Infrastructure on the Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement (ASAP) project. This P3 model was used to deliver 18 new schools to Alberta, ready in fall of 2010.


“Alberta’s critical need for new schools to serve it’s growing population demanded an urgent and innovative solution. Working under very short deadlines, the Alberta Schools Alternative Procurement project (ASAP) created that solution using a new “design build, finance and maintain” public / private partnership (P3) model.

Beginning in May 2007, the ASAP team worked collaboratively to develop this groundbreaking model with school boards in Edmonton and Calgary, their municipal governments, six Alberta government ministries and industry representatives. Within seven short months, the team had to identify construction requirements and standards for building schools; review educational programming requirements; create a mutually beneficial tri-party contract for managing the agreement between school boards, the provincial government and contractors; and develop the transaction documents to support the new P3 model.

They managed to do all this while addressing competing interests under intense political and public scrutiny. The government is now using the new P3 model to deliver 18 new school with demonstrated cost savings to Albertans, and financing is in place to maintain the schools over a 30-year period. The new schools will be ready by fall 2010 – two years faster that previously thought possible.