The Tomato Kitchen Design Awards

The Tomato Kitchen Design Awards

Over the past few years, ACI has had the privilege of teaming with The Capital Care Foundation. Renovations to the dining rooms in their Lynnwood, Grandview and Dickinsfield extended care facilities were completed, and our work was recently recognized in the July/August 2014 Edition of The Tomato Kitchen Design Awards, where the retrofits were profiled.

Being able to create the shift from a traditional institutional dining room to an area that feels like a high end hotel dining room is something that we feel very proud to have accomplished; Congratulations to Laurie Tingley, head of our Interiors Division, for envisioning these beautiful spaces!

This is what the post had to say:

“The Capital Care Foundation carried out a successful fundraising campaign to retrofit the dining rooms in their extended care facilities. While not kitchens exactly, we wanted to highlight the beautiful results.

’For an institutional dining room to have the ability to bake cinnamon buns or bread right in the dining room is an incredible feature. It not only creates aromas that make the juices start to flow but also provides opportunities for conversation with the staff and residents. This helps create a more homelike atmosphere moving us far from the institutional feel of the traditional hospital.

The second cooking component of our renovated dining rooms is the self-serve kitchen for residents and families. They can make toast and coffee, heat up favourite foods brought from home or make a quick bowl of hot soup to tide one over until meal service. This type of self-serve helps to ensure independence for those who still can.’ — Sherry Schaefer, director of Fundraising, Capital Care Foundation"