Eco-House Design Challenge

Eco-House Design Challenge

I am proud to announce that for the Eco-House Design Challenge held by the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo and Suncor Energy, my group, Sage Advice, has earned second place in the Professional category.

The intent of the design was to provide possible designs for a home, built of up to three reused construction site trailers while considering products from local department stores and other technologies that can be shipped to Fort McMurray. The idea was to help with the housing crisis while diverting waste from their local landfill.

By using locally available and affordable water, electricity and heat reducing technologies we designed homes that would have less impact on the environment. Other important considerations were air quality, thermal resistance, site orientation, and the use of products that contain recycled materials or have low manufacturing emissions.

I enjoyed this experience, and learned much about working with team members involved in different facets of the industry and the creativity this can bring to a project. I’m proud of what we were able to accomplish.

I have donated my share of our prize to the Edmonton Humane Society, an organization close to my heart.