Alberta Health Services Sterilizer Upgrades

Project Details

Completion Date: 2010
Project Type: MDRD Upgrades

ACI has been involved in upgrading the Clean Sterile Rooms in a number of rural Healthcare facilities. All of the CSR upgrades typically required phased construction as the user department required to remain in operation while the renovations took place.

Construction Cost: $830,000

The Leduc upgrade was completed in 4 phases.
Phase 1 involved reconfiguring the Endoscopy suite to accommodate 2 STERIS 1 one units in a clean room and upgrade the dirty side with a full sized 3 compartment sink.
Phase 2 was adding 2 new sterilizers and expanding the work space to suit the users needs.
Phase 3 incorporated adding a second washer disinfector, loading rack, hand washing sink, eye wash station and a 3 compartment sink.
Phase 4 was incorporating an automatic cart washer.

Each of these phases required user input to ensure that their operational needs were maintained during the renovations.

Construction Cost: $125,000

A small renovation, this incorporated upgrades to suit the new healthcare standards. The Scope of work was limited to reconfiguring the workflow and also adding a hand washing and 3 compartment sink. Tables were modified to incorporate proper ergonomics and minimize lifting equipment.