Alberta Schools Design-Build Bundle

Project Details

Type: New Construction
Completion Date: 2016 Projected
Project Type: Design-Build
Construction Estimate: $110 million

Description, Intent and Project Objectives

The school concepts are based on the previous core classrooms with expanded program provided by Alberta Education. Each school has been designed to suit the site parameters and the specific requirements of each school board. Some of the school boards have added partnerships with other entities as this is the direction of Partnership and Community use of the schools that Alberta Infrastructure is in support of. ACI has recently completed two core school designs which will be modified for the four new design build schools.

Responsibility of Firm / Key Personnel

ACI Architects and the consultant team were retained by Alberta Infrastructure (AI), to act as the North Bridging Consultants to design 8 Schools for the North portion of this P3 project. This project included the design, build, finance and maintenance (DBFM) of a total of 18 schools, 8 in the Edmonton area and 10 schools in Calgary region by Group 2 (south bridging), collectively referred to as the Building Alberta Schools Construction Project (BASCP). The schools are scheduled to be available for students in September 2016.

The BASCP system was discarded prior to completion of these schools and are now collectively referred to as DB (Design-Build Bundle).
DB13: Edmonton Public School Board (EPSB) Lewis Farms K-9 (900), Heritage Valley K-6 (600), Terwillegar Heights K-9 (900)
DB14: St. Alberta Public Schools (SPS) Erin Ridge K-6 (600)
DB15: Blackgold Regional School District (BGRSD), West Haven K-9 (700)
DB16: Wolf Creek School District (WCSD), Blackfalds K-6 (500)
DB18: Parkland School District (PSD), Spruce Grove K-9 (900)