Barrhead & Hinton Chemotherapy Clinics

Project Details

Hinton $ 1.2 M
Barrhead $ 1.1 M

ACI Architects was retained for both redevelopment projects. Our scope began in
stakeholder meetings, developing a functional program and space list for each site
based on service volumes, treatment times, and an understanding of overall operations.
Allied stakeholders included representatives from Infection Prevention and
Control, Pharmacy, and Materials Management. Successive iterations were circulated
electronically, reviewed by the users and discussed via web conferences. Once
a final approval was secured, Ron Nemeth – Planner and Principal-in-Charge – de-livered
schematic options following numerous and extensive tours of each existing
space with stakeholders to understand the constraints and opportunities afforded
at each site.

Fortunately these spaces that will house such physically demanding and emotion-ally-charged
activities are blessed with abundant natural light and – in the case of
the Hinton Healthcare Centre – spectacular views of the Rockies in the distance. All
parties agreed that the patient treatment spaces should be the first to benefit from
this natural ‘resource’. A desirable consequence of the requirement for openness
to support visual monitoring and thus safety of patients is that the natural light fills
almost the entire clinics.

Partway through Design Development, Laurie Tingley – ACI’s Senior Interior Designer
- met separately with the stakeholder groups to begin development of a distinct
look and palette for each site according to the users’ wants, needs, and preferences.
These concepts were further fine-tuned through additional presentations of products
and virtual models, excerpts of which are shown here.

The projects were tendered separately in May 2015 and each returned within 2% of
the construction budget.