Edmonton North Primary Care Network

Project Details

The Edmonton North Primary Care Network, completed in July 2008, is located in Northgate Centre. The primary focus of the network is to collaborate with family physicians to build a healthier community by providing patients with specialized care and long-term support. This 11,000sq.ft. tenant improvement was designed for patient comfort, while providing increased barrier-free accessibility and maintaining functionality and aesthetics for staff members.

The Edmonton North Primary Care Network is divided between patient care areas and staff areas, with a common space where the two can interact. The layout was designed to maximize borrowed natural light, drawing the light deep into staff areas, creating a healthy working environment for patients and staff alike. A variety of breakout and meeting spaces allows the team to collaborate on a number of levels from formal to informal and spontaneous.

Photography displaying the Edmonton area which the clinic serves, is strategically placed throughout the facility. The photography, combined with signage, provides wayfinding and a sense of familiarity to the patients.
With the Edmonton North Primary Care Network as one of the largest Primary Care Networks in the Alberta Health Services region, the priority was to create an exciting, welcoming atmosphere in a clinic designed to properly support a population of socioeconomic diversity.

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