Edmonton Police Southwest Division Station

Project Details

Designed through our sister company Stephens Kozak ACI Architects and Planners www.sk-aci.com

The Edmonton Police Southwest Division Station was awarded an Honourable Mention from the 2015 Masonry Design Awards.

Program functions and areas were defined to accommodate Edmonton Police Service operational requirements. Since the Southwest Division Station is the third division station that this firm has been involved in with the City of Edmonton and Edmonton Police Service, it carries on a process of design refinement and adaptation to a continually changing policing environment.

The Edmonton Police Service site forms a critical link between the residential district to the South and commercial development to the North and West so a pedestrian connection between the two is provided on the site by the continuation of a pedestrian promenade along the west side of the property.
In order to accommodate community related functions and interface with the Edmonton Police Service the main approach to the police station public entrance overlaps and integrates with the promenade to form an open plaza space where community gatherings can be staged.

To provide for future expansion within the new construction and future planning, second floor shell space has been planned.

To provide flexibility within the building for changes in operation the locker rooms have been designed for future expansion with the least amount of impact on the rest of the building operation. The Female Locker Room is designed to expand into the adjacent Training Room, and the Male Locker Room into either the adjacent Special Project Room or the Shell Space for future expansion.

To provide a community friendly building that welcomes the public and integrates into the surrounding community, the exterior community plaza space will enhance the ability to host functions in the Community Room, which will be located directly adjacent to the main public entrance lobby.
To provide clearly defined areas for the public, operational areas, and high security areas the design uses the “onion skin” approach, with increasing levels of security within the building, determined by the functional plan and zoning which progresses from the public spaces through the administrative areas on to the higher security areas..
A compact building plan was provided that maximizes on-site parking and amenities. The design met the Principles of Urban Design mandated by the Edmonton Design Committee. Artwork was incorporated into the lobby with a mural integrated into the design at an early stage.

Sustainable Design Strategies

The City of Edmonton mandated a minimum LEED Silver rating. Sustainable design features include: sun shading devices on windows, light coloured roofing membrane and energy efficient (tinted/low e/argon gas) glazing to reduce solar load; full membrane air/vapour barrier to ensure a tight building and minimize heat loss due to air leakage; low maintenance interior and exterior materials; natural day lighting for the majority of office and staff areas; occupancy sensors for lighting control; high efficiency T-5 lighting fixtures; low-flow shower heads; high efficiency furnaces; 100% free cooling capability on the HVAC system; lead free and low VOC (volatile organic compound) paints; formaldehyde free millwork.

Responsibility of Firm / Key Personnel

Our firm provided full services for site selection, building design, contract documents and contract administration on the project. Garry Stephens, partner-in-charge/project architect, the main liaison with the Client, coordinated the full consultant team in all phases of the project from design through to tender. Victor Kozak, backup principal, was responsible for the peer review of the contract documents and is providing oversight during construction. Tony Brammar provided oversight during construction. drawing and project specifications preparation.