Improbable Offices

Project Details

START October 2018
SIZE 11,500 sqf

Improbable Canada Inc., a video games tech company head-quartered
in London UK, has opened its new office studio in
Edmonton, Alberta. Already occupying as a temporary solution
the third floor of the 1914 Metals Building in the down-town
district, the scope of work consisted of two renovation

Phase I—renovate the previously demolished second floor in
order for the Improbable Team to move in. Phase II—demolish
the 3rd floor and renovate as per construction drawings
issued by ACI Architects to become the main reception floor.

As well as creating a unique concept for their image, providing
boardrooms, open office layout, touchdown stations, gaming
niche, community areas and washrooms on both floors, the
access control and video systems installed throughout the
space was critical. London’s headquarters IT/ Security team
and local communication contractor were brought on board
to provide adequate systems and hardware to suit requirements.

team members and specification writers were
involved during design development and provided the ability
to solve potential sound transfer issues from the original
wood structure between the 2nd and 3rd floor. A cellulose
acoustic finish was sprayed to the ceiling of the 2nd floor and
a cork back luxury vinyl tile was installed on the third floor to
help dampen sound transfer.

The overall cost of the construction includes the addition of
an Audio/Grading Room in Phase II, and the sandblasting of
an existing brick painted wall which were not part of the original
scope. The base building mechanical system required
unforeseen upgrades in order to have appropriate heat zones
throughout the space.