Kinsmen Sports Centre Renewal

Project Details

DESIGN START January 2020
GROSS AREA +/- 15225m²

The Kinsmen Sports Centre is Edmonton’s second-busiest recreation
centre, and includes a premier aquatic facility built in 1976, and a field
house built in 1968. The centre appeals equally to both high-performance
athletes and the general public. For more than 40 years it has
hosted many National and International sporting eventing including the
1978 Commonwealth Games and the World Masters Games in 2005.

The facility is in need of renewal to return the centre to its role as a
state-of-the-art training and competition venue, and to continue to
meet the needs of fitness enthusiasts throughout the Edmonton area.
In November 2014, City Council approved the Kinsmen sports Centre
Master Plan that included extensive recommended capital upgrades
and enhancements such as: creating a ground floor lobby for better
access, expanding the fitness centre and replacing the racket courts,
widening the functionally obsolete 50-meter warm-up pool to 10 lanes
from six and increasing the parking lots to 670 stalls from 400. There-fore,
in January 2020, ACI Architects Inc., RDHA, and our sub consultant
team was commissioned by the City of Edmonton to conduct the Kinsmen
Sports Centre Rehabilitation project that includes the aforementioned

The critical aspects influencing design involve: close attention to the
program activities; considerations of stakeholder concerns; involvement
of user grounds in design; and an understanding of practical
program factors. As a preliminary step our team validated the existing
uses, identifies the key facility shortfalls, and proposed priorities and
sequences to guide the remainder of the design process. The priorities
allowed our team to determine the best way to apply the available $14.0
million on the rehabilitation and renewal of the Kinsman Sports Centre.