Lynnwood Dining Rooms

Project Details

Capital Care Edmonton is committed to providing a homelike environment for residents. To achieve this goal, older centers such as Lynnwood require a physical change. It is often noted that the kitchen is the gathering point of a home but the sterile atmosphere of the dining halls where meals were served did nothing to provide a feeling of comfort.

The dining rooms at Lynnwood are located in an addition that wraps around the original building which was built in 1966. The result is that there are exterior windows opening into the dining rooms, a highly unattractive situation both aesthetically and psychologically. The design of the renovated dining rooms has taken this challenge and turned it into the engaging feature of the space. The intent is to transform the space to an outdoor bistro. The windows have been framed to draw attention to them and they are being in-filled with a glazing product that implies an out door vista. What was once an eye sore will now be a view.

The viability of the project depends on the success of fundraising activities lead by the Capital Care Foundation. These activities engage residents their families and staff in a variety of events including a silent auction of residents art work. The renovations are currently under way, and excitement amongst staff and residents is palpable.

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