Northern Lights Regional Health Centre

Project Details

Completion Date: 2012
Gross Floor Area: 560sq.ft.
Construction Cost: $158,000

Fort McMurray Hospital hired ACI Architects to undertake renovating 2 adjoining rooms in the Psychiatric department and creating “Seclusion Rooms”. The rooms were upgraded to today’s industry standards. This involved, removing radiation cabinets, climeable surfaces and installing vandal resistant. As part of dealing with Alberta Health Standards on a regular basis and incorporation protective measures, ie. infection control and patient safety. ACI designed the wall, ceiling, and floor surfaces to be durable, cleanable and impact resistant. The shower was designed with cost effective wall cladding surface, c/w suicide prevention, washroom accessories, sinks and toilets. The exterior windows were reinforced with additional bracing. Medical gas was provided behind a secure cabinet.Door hardware and access into the spaces are critical for quick and easy access, yet strong enough to prevent patients from breaking out. Security one way glazing was installed for observation into each room.

Completion Date: 2010
Gross Floor Area: 1,400sq.ft.
Construction Cost: $1.7 Million

The 2nd and 3rd floor renovations are based on the previous patient room renovations that we completed 3 years prior to this project. This involved conversion of 3 patient rooms and the central core on both the 2nd and 3rd floors. The scope of work involved creating barrier free washrooms, accommodating a shower, minor modifications to the headwall and medical gasses, adding hands-free sinks for staff as per infection control guidelines and providing new patient wardrobe units. Revisions to patient washrooms involve a new waterproof membrane around the entire room with a sloped epoxy floor to allow for showering within the existing small washrooms.

As part of this renovation we also converted a portion of the Central core are to a user friendly nurses’ station with an adjacent charting room.

Completion Date: 2008
Gross Floor Area: $2,700sq.ft.
Construction Cost: $1.0 Million

Fort McMurray Hospital required expansion to their confined space as no space was available for growth. We relocated the pharmacy from the dark dim basement to the brightly lit fifth floor. Some of the concerns that were addressed was adding natural light and new furnishings to accommodate all their needs. Rubber flooring was used for comfortable walking, a new pitch station, narcotics vault and adequate work stations were incorporated. Traffic flow and organization was enhanced to suit the users requirements. The staff are overjoyed in their new spacious and organized work areas.