Northern Lights Regional Health Centre Redevelopment

Project Details

The continuing upgrade and renovation work to the existing hospital involves phasing of construction together with temporary accommodation for areas under renovation. Although a large portion of the work is architectural in nature, extensive amounts of departmental equipment and furnishing layouts are necessary as part of the overall package. This also includes work involving interior design, millwork and interior finish selection.

The project involved extensive re-development work to several key areas in the facility that form part of a Facility Master Plan developed by ACI in 1997. The work completed to date has involved two primary Phases encompassing eight stages, relating to renovation and department relocation, both temporary and permanent..

A few of the projects ACI has undertaken are listed here:
- Ambulatory Care
- Laboratory Record Analysis
- Renal Dialysis
- Pharmacy Relocation
- CSR renovations-Phase 1
- Queen’s Street tenant improvement (Office)
- Heliport
- 1st floor Viewing room
- 2nd floor Isolation rooms, and Nurse’s Stations
- 3rd floor Psychiatric security,Patient Rooms and Nurse’s Stations
- 5th floor Offices, Renal Dialysis and Pharmacy
- Elevator Upgrades
- Parking lot study and expansion
- Loading Dock roof replacement
- Pediatric renovations
- VP Offices and reception
- Locker rooms renovations
- Ultrasound room addition
- Administration Office
- Intensive Care Unit renovations
- Recovery Rooms
- Operating Room renovations
- Doctor’s / Surgeon’s Lounge renovations
- Ortho Clinic upgrades
- Isolation rooms
- Chemotherapy Clinic
- Radiology
- Teen / Adult Health
- Child Group Therapy
- CT Suites
- Mammography
- Parent Child Offices
- MRI Study
- Community Mental Health