Thelma Chalifoux School

Project Details

Type: New Construction
Completion Date: Jan, 2020
Project Type: Integrated Project Delivery

The new Larkspur School will be a welcome addition to the Meadows community; providing room for 900 new junior high students. The project is unique in its utilization of an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) process combined with a strong desire to anchor the school in 21st Century learning and design principles. These two priorities have led to an efficient and rich design approach rooted in collaboration and team coordination.

Integral to the design development phase of this project has been the re-definition of the program. As a 21st Century learning school, it was crucial that the team develop a program and floor plan for the school that utilized the areas allocated by the provincial grant agreement in a manner that reflected a 21st Century approach. Led by the architectural team, several workshops, seminars and Big Room meetings were held by the IPD team to establish a floor plan that met the needs of EPSB in a new, collaborative way. The IPD process further enriched this progression by allowing structural, mechanical and electrical components to be incorporated early on, leading to a stronger and more efficient design approach.