U of A - HUB Mall Skylight Replacement

Project Details

The Hub Mall is a student residential facility with a retail street running the length of its core. This central spine is an open atrium with an enclosing skylight at roof level providing daylight to the spaces below.

Over the years, the skylight has been a source of continuing maintenance and repairs due to glass failure and leakage prob- lems as well as contributing to significant heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

ACI Architecture and Bird Construction were the successful design-build team selected by the University to provide a long term remedy for the building. The challenges faced included providing a cost effective solution to the skylight situation while maintaining as much of the design integrity of the building as possible, and to undertake construction work while the building remained fully operational. A solution which was selected and constructed, where the the old skylight was removed and a new clerestorey roof system incorporating a high percentage of glazing installed. The new roof was built over the original structure in order to keep the building weather-tight, with removal of the existing structure upon completion. A temporary working platform was installed high above the street at skylight level allowing for easy access for construction and maintaining safety for the building occupants below.

The full effect of the new structure results in improved daylight levels, significant energy savings, and considerably reduced maintenance.