Westminster Junior High School

Project Details

Westminster School required a major upgrade and modernization involving abatement of significant amounts of asbestos which had to be removed before the main construction contract could begin. Mechanical and electrical systems were re- placed along with new windows and roofing. Selected areas in the interior of the school received extensive remodeling to more closely reflect the program needs of the students and staff.

The Library was relocated from the 2nd Floor to the main level where 4 classrooms were combined to provide a new space accommodating the library stacks, computers, teaching area and the Librarians workspace and desk. The Library features a fibre-optic starfield which accurately portrays the night sky in the northern hemisphere complete with shooting stars.

The main entry area was opened up to house a new administration suite and a gathering space for students with a student shop, vending machines and lunch area.

Westminster School has an outstanding music program and it was decided to incorporate a “state of the art” music facility in the school. The existing music room was doubled in size, acoustically treated and equipped with 3 new soundproof practice rooms so that several different groups could play at the same time.