Westwood High School Skylight Replacement

Project Details

The high school is designed on a plan of several blocks which contain classrooms. These areas are separated by a pedes- trian street. On one side of the street are three areas of classroom, while on the other are the cafeteria, gym and pool (YMCA). The street provides separation between these areas.

The street is covered by a ridge designed sloped glazing system comprised of a base structural steel frame to which an alu- minium (double glazed) glass system was installed. The sloped glazing provides natural light into this large street.

The scope of work included:

  • Convert the skylight to a clerestory
  • Renovate the glass from the original structure on the skylight
  • Construct a new roof over the peaks of the original skylight
  • Construct windows from the under side of the new roof to the existing roof.